Paper & Pulp Water Solutions

We have experience in helping to maximise paper and pulp wastewater treatment plants by improving performance, keeping your maintenance costs as low as possible, and avoiding unexpected maintenance whilst ensuring environmental compliance.

Paper and Pulp Water Solutions

Pulp and paper wastewater is rich inorganic substances due to the various phases of the production process which can cause high calcium concentrations, sulphides and suspended solids.

We can help you treat your effluent anaerobically with our wastewater treatment plant solutions. We can also help upgrade your existing anaerobic effluent treatment plant if it no longer meets legislative requirements.

  • help you meet your wastewater environmental compliance
  • reduce or eliminate your wastewater discharge surcharges
  • reduce costs you encounter for incoming potable water
  • recover biogas for energy production
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DAF Treatment Systems

Our treatment systems are used as pre-treatment, separation and concentration of biological excess sludge, and polishing effluent after biological treatment to remove phosphorous and suspended solids with the smallest possible footprint.

Dissolved Air Flotation technology and sedimentation systems have proven to be very successful in the municipal market.

Benefits of our DAF Systems

  • Reduce effluent surcharge
  • Used a Pre-treatment / Dissolved Air Flotation
  • Effluent compliance
  • Removal of Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG)
  • Removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
  • Removal of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
Daf plant

New Industrial Water System Process


Free Consultation
Arrange a free consultation where we discuss your requirements.


We create a report with recommendations for a solution.

Concept design

Design & Build
Design and build the appropriate treatment plant solution whilst considering total cost of ownership (TCO).


Operational services for the lifecycle of the plant, whilst driving innovation and continuous improvement to meet your future goals.

Why choose the Chemsol Group?

Our mission is to provide solutions for a cleaner environment through private and commercial water engineering projects across England and Wales. A family-run business established in 2001, our focus is on quality customer care and incorporating the latest innovation and technology throughout our entire range of services.


Complete Service
We offer a complete turn-key solution for pool and water management systems, from design, through to installation and long term support.


Strictly Compliant
Our installation services are carried out in strict accordance with SPATA, BISHTA and PWTAG to ensure your project meets current legislation


With over 22 years and thousands of services to swimming pools and private & industrial water systems a year across the UK so you can be reassured of our experience.


Expert Engineers
Our expert engineers are highly skilled and trained to deal with all water maintenance and repairs to ensure your water system is in perfect working condition.


Our dedicated office support team help ensure that if you do ever encounter an issue with your pool, water treatment system, or private supply we’ll be there to help you.


Eco Standards
We’re doing all we can to make sure all our products and services are as environmentally concious and sustainable as possible.

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