Drinking Water Maintenance Plan

Our Drinking Water Maintenance Plan offers comprehensive 6 monthly servicing solutions, ensuring optimal water quality and system performance, tailored to meet the distinct needs of every household.

Drinking Water Maintenance Plan

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All In One Plan For Drinking Water Systems

6 Monthly Servicing
Consumables Included
Full Warranty & Guarantees
Priority On-Call Engineer Support
Service Reminder Notifications
Transparent Pricing
Flexible Scheduling

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Our all-inclusive Drinking Water Maintenance Plan offers you complete coverage, giving you peace of mind and ensuring the highest quality experience with your drinking water system.

What's Included?

In our Drinking Water Maintenance Plan, you'll receive 6 monthly service visits, prompt replacement parts including filters, UV bulbs, and ballasts, along with expert valve calibration and comprehensive system chlorination for optimal water quality.

UV Filter Drinking Water System
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6 Monthly Service Visits

Every six months, our trained technicians will conduct a thorough inspection and servicing of your drinking water system, ensuring its optimal performance, longevity, and consistent delivery of high-quality water.

UV Filter
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Along with other essential components, our service ensures timely replacement of particle filters, UV bulbs, and ballasts. This guarantees not only the efficiency of your drinking water system but also consistently high water quality and safety.

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Pipework chlorination

System Chlorination

Our System Chlorination service involves a thorough disinfection process, using chlorine to eliminate any harmful bacteria and pathogens from your drinking water system, ensuring the delivery of safe, clean, and pure water to your taps.

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Valve Calibration

Our expert technicians will meticulously calibrate the valves within your drinking water system, ensuring precise water flow, optimised pressure settings, and overall efficient operation to provide you with consistent and high-quality water output.

Why Choose Our Drinking Water Maintenance Plan?

Choose our Drinking Water Maintenance Plan for comprehensive coverage, expert support, and flexible scheduling, all without long-term commitments or hidden fees.


Total Peace of Mind
Our comprehensive coverage means you never have to worry about unexpected issues or costs. We've got you covered.

Risk assessment

Regular Professional Checks
With bi-annual servicing, our experts ensure your system runs optimally, preventing minor issues from becoming major problems.


Dedicated Technical Support
Our dedicated team is just a phone call away, ready to assist with any concerns or queries.


All-Inclusive Benefits
From replacement parts to essential consumables, everything's included, ensuring smooth and hassle-free operation.


Expertise You Can Trust
Our team is trained in the latest best practices, ensuring your drinking water system remains at its best.


What exactly is the Drinking Water Maintenance Plan?

The Drinking Water Maintenance Plan is a comprehensive service package designed to ensure your drinking water system runs optimally. It includes 6 monthly service visits, replacement parts provision, valve calibration, and system chlorination.

How often will you service my system?

Under the maintenance plan, we conduct service visits every six months to ensure your system's health and efficiency.

What if I need a replacement part?

Our plan includes prompt provision of essential components, such as filters, UV bulbs, and ballasts. If any part of your system needs replacement, it's covered under this plan.

Are there any hidden fees or charges in the maintenance packages?

No, our pricing is transparent. With the Gold package, you won't incur any additional costs for parts, equipment, or consumables. In the Silver package, you'll only be charged for parts, equipment, or consumables as needed. Any potential additional charges will be communicated upfront.

I'm traveling and won't be available for my scheduled service. Can I reschedule?

Yes, you can. If you know you'll be unavailable for your scheduled service, contact our team as soon as possible. We'll work with you to reschedule the service visit at a time that suits you.

Why is valve calibration necessary?

Valve calibration ensures precise water flow and optimised pressure settings, leading to efficient operation and consistent water quality.

Are there any long-term commitments?

No, our plan is designed with flexibility in mind. While we believe you'll find great value in it, you're not locked into a lengthy contract.

What does system chlorination involve?

System chlorination is a disinfection process where we use chlorine to eliminate harmful bacteria and pathogens, ensuring the water from your system is safe and pure.

How can I sign up for the Drinking Water Maintenance Plan?

You can sign up directly on our website HERE.

Can I cancel or modify my subscription to the plan?

Yes, you can modify or cancel your subscription. For details on the process, please refer to our terms and conditions or contact our customer service.

What if I have an issue between the 6 monthly service visits?

Our team is always ready to assist. With the maintenance plan, you have access to our support, ensuring any issues are addressed promptly.

How is this plan different from other services you offer?

The Drinking Water Maintenance Plan is an all-inclusive package designed for optimal upkeep of your drinking water system. While we offer individual services, this plan bundles essential services for better value and peace of mind.

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