Fluid Dynamics

A properly designed swimming pool will take into account a number of different factors. One of the most important considerations is the movement and distribution of water to and from a swimming pool.

Running An Efficient Pool

Proper swimming pool fluid dynamics ensure efficient distribution of disinfectants and other chemicals within the water. In order to ensure that the water is safe for swimmers, it is essential to distribute these chemicals evenly throughout the pool.

Correct lengths of piperuns and pipe angles ensure the pool water is flowing correctly and in the most efficient way to maximise the capability of the swimming pool.

The benefits of proper fluid dynamics:

  • Save on running costs
  • Save on the amount of pipework and equipment
  • Controllers and equipment are run in the correct way (i.e. they are not overworked / running at a higher capacity than what is required)
  • Plant room space is utilised correctly

Calculations on the pumps, inlet vents, drains and duct-work designs, can also help to optimise the flow of water within the pool. This can minimise water loss and improve the efficiency of the pumps, saving money on operating costs.

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Fluid Dynamic Pool Solutions

Hydraulic design
Without a properly designed system, water can quickly become stagnant, dirty, and unsafe.

Functionalities of recirculation
This can be accomplished through the use of pumps, filters, and drains.

Supply of disinfectant to the pool basin
Pumps are used to move water from the pool to the filter, where it is then cleaned and returned to the pool

Mixing of disinfectant over the pool basin
The filtration system uses complex algarithams to monitor the water chemistry to ensure correct dosing of disinfectants.

Removal of pollutants from pool basin
Correctly designed fluid dynamics drastically reduce the potential areas of turbulence or stagnation within the pool.

Thermal comfort of occupants
Proper water flow and temperature distribution.

Bather comfort
Air bubble movement, distribution, size and velocity.

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