Pre-Made Pool Filtration Packages

Our Pre-Made Swimming Pool Filtration Packages offer a seamless plug-and-play solution for pool builders, expertly assembled and delivered directly to your site for effortless installation, streamlining your pool project with efficiency and ease.

Pool Filtration Packages

Our skid-mounted filtration packages are designed for domestic pools, offering convenience and efficiency right out of the box.
For commercial pool requirements, we provide custom-built and specifically designed filtration solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.
Please enquire to explore how we can cater to your commercial filtration needs.


priced from

Manual User Pool Management
supply only with limited tech support

Domestic Pools
Daily User Input Required
Hand Chemical Dosing
Manual Management
Limited Support
Advanced Pool Analytics
Automated Backwash
Smart Notifications
Advanced Features
Smart Phone App
Eco Mode


priced from

Semi Automated Pool Management
supply only with some tech support

Domestic Pools
Some User Input required
Semi Automated
Automated Chemical Dosing
Technical Support
Smart Phone App
Smart Notifications
Advanced Pool Analytics
Automated Backwash
Eco Mode
Advanced Features
Most Popular


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Fully Automated Pool Management
full installation with priority tech support

Domestic Pools
Fully Automated
Least Amount of User Input
Automated Chemical Dosing
Smart Phone App
Priority Tech Support
Smart Notifications
Automated Backwash
Eco Mode
Advanced Pool Analytics
Advanced Features

Pre-Made Filtration Packages

Discover the perfect balance of innovation and simplicity with our range of Pool Filtration Packages, designed to cater to every pool owner's needs.

From the hands-on approach of our Basic Package to the cutting-edge automation of our Pro Package, we offer solutions that streamline pool maintenance, enhance water quality, and elevate your pool experience.

Each package is tailored to provide varying levels of user involvement and technical support, ensuring you can find the ideal fit for your lifestyle and preferences.

Basic Package:
Ideal for those who prefer a hands-on approach, offering manual pool management with limited tech support.
Plus Package:
A semi-automated solution with some user input required, blending convenience with control, complemented by technical support and smart features.
Pro Package:
The ultimate in pool care automation, requiring minimal user input and providing full installation, priority tech support, and advanced features for an effortless pool maintenance experience.

Whether you're a dedicated DIYer or seeking the ultimate in convenience and efficiency, our filtration packages are designed to ensure your pool remains clean meeting industry PWTAG standards with minimal effort. Explore our offerings to find the perfect match for your pool maintenance needs, and enjoy a seamless, enjoyable pool ownership experience.

Daisy Skid System

Quality Assured

At the heart of our commitment to excellence, we ensure that every filtration package we produce is subject to rigorous testing and commissioning upon completion.

Our dedicated team of experts employs a thorough testing process, guaranteeing that each system meets our high standards of quality and performance.

This meticulous approach to quality assurance reflects our dedication to delivering filtration solutions that are not only reliable but also exceed expectations in efficiency and effectiveness.

By choosing our filtration packages, you are investing in a product that embodies excellence, backed by a team committed to ensuring your pool’s optimal health and clarity.

Testing facility

The Chemsol Solution

Your Expert Partner in Pool Filtration and Plant Room Expertise

Your Expert Partner in Pool Filtration and Plant Room Expertise

We redefine excellence in wet leisure environments. Specialising in collaborating with pool builders and installers, we position ourselves as your go-to experts in plant room filtration systems. Our commitment is to transform your vision into a reality, offering comprehensive solutions from the initial design phase to the final touches of installation.

Bespoke Design and Specification Packages

Bespoke Design and Specification Packages

Our expertise shines through in our ability to provide full design and specification packages tailored to your unique needs. Leveraging the latest in Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, we ensure precision and efficiency in every project. Our approach is not just about meeting expectations but exceeding them, as we meticulously model our plant rooms to align perfectly with our customers' requirements.

The Pro Filtration Pack: Versatility and Excellence

The Pro Filtration Pack: Versatility and Excellence

Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer the Pro Filtration Pack, a testament to our flexibility and commitment to quality. This pack can be provided on a pre-built skid for ease and convenience or designed and assembled in situ for each bespoke project. This adaptability ensures that we cater to a wide range of projects, from intimate 10m³ domestic pools and hydrotherapy spaces to expansive 100m³ commercial ventures.

Comprehensive Project Management

Comprehensive Project Management

Our service extends beyond mere installation. With Chemsol Group, you receive full project management, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process. Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through every step, guaranteeing that your project is executed flawlessly and on schedule.

Installation, Service, and Maintenance

Installation, Service, and Maintenance

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. Our commitment to you continues well after the installation, with comprehensive service and maintenance offerings. Our proactive approach ensures that your filtration systems operate at peak efficiency, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring the safety and enjoyment of your aquatic space.

Collaborative and Scalable Solutions

Collaborative and Scalable Solutions

At Chemsol Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to work collaboratively, adapting our solutions to meet the scale and scope of your project. Whether you are crafting a serene domestic pool or a large-scale commercial aquatic facility, our scalable approach guarantees that we meet your specific needs without compromising on quality or efficiency.

About Our Pre-Made Filtration Packages

Experts in Swimming Pool Filtration & Pool Water Quality
The Chemsol Group are swimming pool design and build specialists, offering a unique approach to the wet leisure industry through our expertise in water. We offer first class service to our clients throughout the UK.

With our dedication to producing the highest quality filtration systems, we're able to develop innovative pool filtration packages that will meet your needs.

Capturing The Vision Of Clients
We work diretly with pool builders to take the hassle away of having to deal with the time-consuming, labour-intensive part of a pool build - the pool plant filtration system.

By offering 3 packages, assembled in our warehouse we can take care of the pool filtration of your pool build project. Delivered directly to site and installed by our expert engineers.

Plant room maintenance


What is a plant room in a swimming pool?

A plant room in a swimming pool refers to a dedicated space within the facility where various mechanical and electrical equipment related to the pool's water circulation, filtration, heating, and chemical treatment systems are housed.

This room is essential for maintaining the pool's water quality, temperature, and overall functionality. The equipment found in a plant room may include pumps, filters, heaters, chlorination or disinfection systems, pH control systems, and monitoring devices.

Proper maintenance and operation of the plant room are crucial to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the pool water for swimmers.

Can swimming pool water be used for plants?

Yes, swimming pool water can often be repurposed for watering plants, but it's essential to consider a few factors.

Before using pool water for plants, you should ensure that the pool water has not been treated with harmful chemicals beyond safe levels.

Additionally, the pH levels and salt content of the pool water should be checked, as excessive chemicals or imbalanced pH levels can be detrimental to plant health.

If the pool water is deemed suitable, it can be a sustainable way to water your plants, provided precautions are taken to maintain their well-being.

It's advised to consult with us as your water experts to ensure the compatibility of pool water with the specific plant types you intend to water.

How long does a pool plant qualification last?

We recommend a Swimming Teachers Association STA Level Award in Pool Plant Operations as it equips participants with the expertise and understanding required to effectively manage and run a pool, spa, and interactive water feature facility. This ensures the maintenance of safe, transparent, and hygienic water conditions. The qualification remains valid for 3-5 years.

Can I have a swimming pool in my garden?

Certainly, it's possible to have a swimming pool in your garden. However, there are several factors you should consider before proceeding. Firstly, you'll need to evaluate the available space in your garden and ensure it meets the necessary requirements for a pool. Additionally, you should check with your local authorities or council to determine if there are any regulations or permissions needed for installing a pool.

Furthermore, the cost of installing and maintaining a pool can vary based on factors such as the pool's size, type, and any additional features you'd like to include.

We recommended to consult with us as your professional pool installers to get a better understanding of the feasibility and costs associated with your specific situation. Contact us here.

Overall, while having a swimming pool in your garden is achievable, thorough planning, adherence to regulations, and budget considerations are all crucial aspects to ensure a successful and enjoyable addition to your property.

How much does a new pool filtration system cost?

The cost of a new pool filtration system can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size of the pool, the type of filtration technology chosen, the complexity of installation, and any additional features or upgrades.

On average, a basic pool filtration system can start at around £3,000, while more advanced systems with sophisticated features range from £8,000 to £16,000 or more.

How many hours a day should a pool be filtered?

The amount of hours per day a pool should be filtered is knows as the turnover period.

It's the time taken for a volume of water equivalent to the entire water volume in the pool to pass through the filters and treatment plant and back to the pool is called the turnover period. In principle, the shorter the turnover period, the more frequent and thorough the water treatment.

There is a simple formula for deriving the turnover rate from the circulation rate:

Turnover period (h) = Water volume (m3) / Circulation rate (m3/h)

Applying this formula helps us deliver the design circulation rate and form the basis for a satifactory plant design.

Turnover periods for different types of pool
3-4h Competition pools 50m long
4-8h Diving pools
4-8h Domestic pools
30-90min Hydrotherapy pools
20min Interactive water features
5-20min Leisure water bubble pools
10-45min Leisure waters up to 0.5m deep
30-75min Leisure waters 0.5-1m deep
1-2h Leisure waters 1-1.5m deep
2-2.5h Leisure waters over 1.5m deep
2.5-3h Public pools up to 25m long, 1m shallow end
6min Spas - commercial
15min Spas - domestic
30-90min Teacher/learner/training pools
30-60min Waterslide splash pools

What does a pool filter do?

There are two types of filter media; sand and glass.

Sand filters consist of a large cylindrical tank, usually made of steel, glass fibre or reinforced plastic containing a bed of filter media.

During filtration, dirty water from the pool is pumped down through the filter bed and the tiny sand or glass particles capture and filter out the many insolubles, including microorganisms. The use of a coagulant increases the efficiency of filtration by adhering to the particles and effectively increasing their size.

Over time, the debris collected in the filter medium slows down the water flow. When the inlet pipe pressure rises relative to the outlet pipe, the pressure gauges indicate that it is time to remove the collected debris from the filter medium by backwashing (cleaning) the filter media.

To backwash, the operator usually having to switch off the circulation pump first) adjusts a number of valves to reverse the water flow, so water from the pump pushes up through the sand, dislodging the debris. Automatic backwash systems are also available. At the top of the filter tank, the dirty water flows out through the inlet pipe and into the drain, via an attenuation tank if necessary.

How do swimming pools work?

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, but nearly all of them, from the domestic to the Olympic, from the rectangular to the variously shaped leisure pools, work in the same basic way. Anything with more than 6 cubic metres of water normally uses a combination of continuous recirculation with filtration and chemical treatment to clean the water.

A typical swimming pool comprises four major components:
• a tank (basin, shell)
• a circulation system - pumps, inlets and outlets, pipework
• filtration
• a dosing system for treatment chemicals.

Water is pumped in a continuous cycle, from the pool; filtered and chemically treated and returned back to the pool. By this circulation, the water in the pool is kept relatively free of dirt, debris and microorganisms (bacteria, protozoa and viruses). Other processes may be included - heating, for example.

It is also necessary to replace water lost by evaporation, backwashing the filters and by bather activity.

Trusted by hundreds of clients - big and small

Our Recent Pool Projects

Luxury Home Pool Anglesey

Luxury Home Pool Anglesey

We are pleased to share our recent completion of a stunning outdoor residential swimming pool located on Anglesey. As the design and build consultants, Chemsol Group were appointed to deliver this project which consisted of a 12.5-metre infinity edge swimming pool with an integrated safety pool cover and a Pro Filtration Tech Package.

Bamford Wellness, Indoor Pool

Bamford Wellness, Indoor Pool

The newly extended Bamford Wellness Spa Cotswolds offers a holistic wellness space situated in the heart of Daylesford Organic Farm. Our team of highly competent and qualified swimming pool engineers are taking lead on the design and build of the swimming pool plant room, with full on-site installation and commissioning.

White House Spa, Indoor Pool

White House Spa, Indoor Pool

We are proud to install the first swimming pool plant room Da-Gen Daisy+ filtration system in a commercial setting in the UK. The White House Spa has a 12 metre luxury Indoor Swimming Pool, with AFM, the purest filtration system on the market. And a heated outdoor hydrotherapy pool with massage jets.

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Why choose the Chemsol Group?

Our mission is to provide solutions for a cleaner environment through private & commercial water engineering projects across England and Wales. A family-run business established in 2001, our focus is on quality customer care and incorporating the latest innovation and technology throughout all our services.


Complete Service
We offer a complete turn-key solution for pool and water management systems, from design, through to installation and long term support.


Strictly Compliant
Our installation services are carried out in strict accordance with SPATA, BISHTA and PWTAG to ensure your project meets current legislation


With over 22 years and thousands of services to swimming pools and private & industrial water systems a year across the UK so you can be reassured of our experience.


Expert Engineers
Our expert engineers are highly skilled and trained to deal with all water maintenance and repairs to ensure your water system is in perfect working condition.


Our dedicated office support team help ensure that if you do ever encounter an issue with your pool, water treatment system, or private supply we’ll be there to help you.


Eco Standards
We’re doing all we can to make sure all our products and services are as environmentally concious and sustainable as possible.

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