Five reasons you need a pool automation system

Posted by Nick Lewis on 28.03.2024

Unsure whether it’s worth investing in a pool automation system for your home or business? We can help!

Below, the expert team at Chemsol Group explain some of the biggest benefits of opting for a pool automation system, as well as how to automate your pool and what makes the best pool automation system.

What is a pool automation system?

A pool automation system is simply a system that allows the user to control their pool equipment from afar (typically using a mobile phone app or a separate control panel).

While the functionality of pool automation systems vary depending on the manufacturer and the model, they can often be used to control the lighting, heating, filtration, and cleaning of the pool.

What are the benefits of pool automation?

Alongside being a more convenient solution to maintaining the water quality of your pool, pool automation has a wide range of sought-after benefits, including:

Error reduction and automation

With essential pool maintenance tasks like chemical dosing, filtration cycles, and temperature control all being automatically handled by the system, the chances of human error impacting the quality of the water is greatly reduced.

Reduced manual intervention and training

With a comprehensive automated pool management system, there’s very little need for constant human oversight, manual testing, and adjustments. Instead, routine tasks can be easily handled by the automated system.

As a result, staff maintaining commercial pools require less training, while owners of residential pools can spend more time enjoying their pool and needn’t worry about making mistakes due to inexperience or lack of knowledge regarding the complexities of pool maintenance.

Consistent water management and time savings

Manual pool maintenance doesn’t only open your pool up to human error, but it also takes more time than if you were to use a pool automation system.

The frequent checks traditionally associated with manual pool maintenance (often related to chemical balancing, filtration, and water management) can prove to be particularly time-consuming for both staff and private pool owners.

Energy efficiency and eco-friendly operation

Some of the more advanced pool filtration systems also come with handy energy-saving features such as variable speed pumps and energy-efficient filters that optimise the filtration process and ensure the system only runs when necessary.

This helps them to reduce the pool’s power consumption which has a knock-on effect on both your energy bills and carbon footprint – all without reducing the quality of the pool water.

Enhanced monitoring and control

These intelligent pool automation systems often boast advanced sensors and monitoring systems that can provide you with accurate and real-time information regarding everything from the pool’s pH levels and chlorine content to its turbidity and temperature.

This ensures you have more control over the pool filtration process and can make more precise adjustments even remotely. As you can manage the system from anywhere, fewer on-site visits are required and any unwanted changes in the quality of the water can be quickly resolved.

How to automate your pool

Automating your pool can be as simple as giving the expert team at Chemsol Group a call. We have two automated, pre-made pool filtration packages that provide a seamless plug-and-play solution to maintaining your pool.

Which is the best pool automation system?

At Chemsol Group, we offer two types of pool automation system – the ‘Plus’ (a semi-automated system) as well as the ‘Pro’ (a completely automated system).

The ‘Pro’ is our most comprehensive pool automation system for domestic pools, requiring the least amount of user input, but still delivering automated chemical dosing and automated backwash.

It also comes complete with full installation and priority tech support, a smart phone app and smart notifications, as well as an array of advanced features including advanced pool analytics and an eco-mode.

Contact Chemsol Group today

If you’d like to find out more about how to automate your pool or are interested in finding the best pool automation system to meet your requirements, please feel free to get in touch with the pool experts at Chemsol Group today.

Highly-experienced in all areas of pool plant room design, installation, and maintenance, our professional team can help you to save time and money with an effective pool automation system.

To learn more about how we can help, you can either call us on 01492 582 888, email your enquiry to, or get in touch using our online contact form!

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