What is the best system to keep pool water clean?

Posted by Nick Lewis on 28.03.2024

Struggling to remedy the cause of impure pool water? To prevent contaminated pool water from ruining your swimming experience, it pays to understand how swimming pool sanitation systems keep pool water clean.

How to keep pool water clean

When it comes to keeping pool water clean, implementing an effective swimming pool sanitation system is crucial. Each core element of swimming pool sanitation explored below works together to create a synergy that ensures constant pool water refreshment, equilibrium, and cleanliness.

Pay attention to the turnover rate

If you want to ensure all the water in your pool is being pushed through the filtration system within a designated timeframe, then paying attention to the turnover rate is essential.

If you can achieve an optimal turnover rate, the freshness of the pool water can be preserved as debris, bacteria, and algae is quickly cleansed from the water.

Ensure optimal filtration

Filtration is undeniably one of the most vital parts of keeping your pool water clean. Some of the best filtration systems use fine media filters that can remove even the smallest of impurities from the pool water.

This is because even the tiniest of pool water impurities can have a negative impact on the water clarity and lead to other unwanted side effects such as turbidity (cloudiness), odours, and health hazards.

Strategic placement of jets

While both effective filtration and an optimal turnover rate are pivotal for maintaining clear pool water, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of well-positioned jets.

With the strategic positioning of flow and return jets, water can be properly guided and circulated throughout the pool.

Not only does this help to prevent zones of stagnant water and the subsequent growth of algae and bacteria, but it can also help to guide debris towards the filters and distribute filtered water.

Choose filters with a large surface diameter

To boost the filter’s capacity to process pool water and thereby produce high-quality water, it’s important to consider the filter’s surface area dimensions.

Typically, filters with a greater surface area can filter a larger volume of water which reduces stress on the swimming pool sanitation system and enhances efficiency.

Fluidisation of the filter bed

Some of the best pool sanitation systems also feature fluidisation of the filter bed, which simply refers to maintaining media (such as sand and diatomaceous earth) within the filter in motion.

This ensures all the filtering media is being properly utilised, thereby increasing efficient filtration and even prolonging the life span of the filter media as this continuous motion helps to prevent channelling and blockages.

What's the best swimming pool sanitation system?

The best swimming pool sanitation systems are therefore systems that incorporate all the aforementioned aspects that help to keep pool water clean. Combined, these aspects will help you to maintain a sanitised and enjoyable swimming pool environment.

At Chemsol Group, we offer a 'Pro' filtration package which provides professional-grade filtration to ensure exceptional poor water clarity, sanitation, and hygiene.

Featuring high-calibre fibres, automated chemical dispensers, and programmable controls, this comprehensive pool management package is fully automated and comes with both complete installation and priority tech support.

Each component of this package works harmoniously together to ensure the convenient, effective, and efficient treatment of pool water.

Seeking support with swimming pool sanitation systems?

If you’d like to learn more about choosing the best pool sanitation systems to keep your pool water clean, please don’t hesitate to contact the experienced team at Chemsol Group.

Our team of pool engineers can provide expert support with pool plant room design, installation, and maintenance – regardless of whether you’re searching for residential pool advice or help with your commercial pool and spa.

To get in touch, please feel free to give us a call on 01492 582 888, email us at, or reach out using our online contact form!

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