Ground source heat pumps: What size plant room is best?

Posted by Nick Lewis on 11.02.2024

Housing all the necessary equipment to keep your pool or spa running smoothly typically requires a plant room, but what’s the best ground source heat pump plant room size?

Fortunately, here at Chemsol, we’re experts when it comes to designing and installing efficient pool plant rooms. Regardless of whether you have an above ground or inground swimming pool being heated by a ground source heat pump, we can provide you with expert guidance.

Below, we explain the ideal ground source heat pump plant room size, helping you to create a plant room that has enough space to comfortably meet all your pool maintenance requirements and ensure efficient operation.

Do you need a plant room for a ground source heat pump?

Ideally, ground source heat pumps should be installed inside a small plant room. Available in a range of kW sizes based on the surface area of the pool, choosing the right ground source heat pump for your pool is fairly straightforward.

Put simply, larger ground source heat pumps are required for commercial pools, while smaller, residential pools should get away with a lower kW model.

How much space do you need for ground source heat pump?

While ground source heat pumps do require more room than the air pump alternative, you don’t need lots of space to install a plant room for your ground source heat pump.

Depending on the size of your specific heat pump, a suitable plant room for a ground source heat pump typically measures at least 1m x 3m.

However, for a more accurate idea of the best ground source heat pump plant room size, it’s always best to contact a professional pool plant room installation company.

Get in touch with the pool plant room experts at Chemsol

In search of professional support when choosing the right ground source heat pump plant room size to meet your pool heating needs?

While finding expert help isn’t always easy, taking your time to research reliable pool plant room design and installation companies can save you plenty of time and money in the long run.

Here at Chemsol, our team of qualified pool engineers ensure all our pools and plant room installations are fully compliant with the latest plant room regulations in the UK.

From the design and layout to installation and maintenance, we help to keep your commercial pool or private spa in great condition with our high-quality pool plant rooms. Regardless of which services you require, please feel free to contact our helpful and knowledgeable team today.

To learn more about the various services available at Chemsol or to discuss your specific pool plant room project in more detail with a member of our team, simply give us a call on 01492 582 888.

If now isn’t a convenient time to call, we also welcome email enquiries sent to as well as enquiries submitted using our convenient online contact form – we hope to hear from you soon!

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