How much space does an air source heat pump need?

Posted by Nick Lewis on 11.02.2024

Struggling to ensure there’s enough space in your pool plant room for all the necessary equipment, including that all-important air source heat pump? Consult the experts.

As all UK swimming pools should use a heat pump to warm up the water, air source pumps are incredibly common for both above ground and inground swimming pools.

To help ensure your heat pump can operate smoothly and be maintained easily, the team of fully qualified pool plant room engineers at Chemsol explain the ideal air source heat pump plant room size.

Do you need a plant room for an air source heat pump?

No, a plant room isn’t always necessary for an air source heat pump. While they can be installed in plant rooms, the best location for an air source heat pump is often outdoors with plenty of space around it (at least two feet on all sides) to ensure easy access to plenty of free-flowing, circulating air.

However, you should try to install the air source heat pump as close to the pool pump as possible, but far enough away from the pool to prevent noise pollution.

Popular areas of installation for air source heat pumps include on the roof or the ground adjacent to the building where the swimming pool is being housed.

How much room does an air source heat pump need?

While the typical air source heat pump plant room size is roughly 1m deep and 1.5m in width, the size of your swimming pool’s air source heat pump will vary depending on the size of your pool.

This is because larger pools tend to require bigger, more powerful air source heat pump units to ensure adequate heating.

Fortunately, air source heat pump systems often require less room than the ground source alternative, however, they still need to have enough space around them to operate efficiently.

In general, this means at least 30cm around the sides and rear of the air source heat pump, with at least 1.5m of space in front of the pump.

Contact the pool plant room professionals at Chemsol

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Unfortunately, seeking support from the wrong companies can lead to poor-quality installations of even non-compliance with the latest plant room regulations in the UK.

For a more professional and reliable approach when it comes to creating an efficient pool plant room layout with all the necessary equipment, please feel free to reach out to our expert team of pool plant room engineers today.

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