How much does pool maintenance cost in the UK?

Posted by Nick Lewis on 22.01.2024

Considering installing a swimming pool in your private home or commercial business, but concerned about ongoing maintenance costs adding up?

Regardless of whether you’ve purchased a new property with an existing pool or are eager to make some luxurious home improvements, we can guide you with our clear advice.

To support you with making the best decision for your budget, the experts here at Chemsol have created this handy guide to the typical annual pool maintenance cost.

Below, we explain how much maintenance is generally involved in keeping a swimming pool in tip-top condition as well as how much all this maintenance is likely to cost.

Is there a lot of maintenance with a swimming pool?

In general, swimming pools do require a lot of maintenance, such as daily checks (skimming), weekly checks (testing the balance of chemicals), and monthly maintenance, like cleaning and jet washing the patio.

Additional pool maintenance involved in closing the pool for the winter, for example, is also required on a seasonal basis to help prevent future issues when you decide to open up the pool again.

However, the amount of necessary maintenance will also vary depending on the type of pool plant room you opt for. For example, fully automated pool plant rooms offer automatic water maintenance and remote access, allowing you far more control over the quality of your swimming pool.

At Chemsol, our fully qualified engineers can provide full pool plant room service and maintenance packages that make keeping your swimming pool in pristine condition even easier. We can even offer you a unique tailored service specific to your spa or pool, ensuring you can take an enjoyable dip all year round.

On top of physical maintenance that takes up your valuable time, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of the extra water supply needed to fill the pool, additional electricity used to power the pool heater and pumps, as well as the essential chemicals required to keep the water clean and clear.

What is the average cost for pool maintenance?

So, how much does pool maintenance cost in the UK? According to Checkatrade, you can expect to pay anywhere in the range of £45 to £85 in labour per month to keep your pool in a clean and safe condition, resulting in an annual cost for pool maintenance between £540 and £1020.

Searching for more specific costing? Included in this annual cost pool maintenance figure is the average price of an electrician (£40 labour per hour, extra replacement parts or repairs not included), pool service labour (£65 an hour), and water supply (£65-£100 to fill an average sized pool).

However, it’s important to bear in mind that this is just a ballpark average pool maintenance cost supplied by Checkatrade. In reality, the average cost of pool maintenance will depend on a variety of factors.

This includes the size of your swimming pool, how much maintenance you’re willing to carry out yourself (including the type of pool plant room you opt for), the current state of your pool, and the cost of both the pool cleaning chemicals and electricity.

For a more accurate annual pool maintenance cost, it’s always best to contact a professional maintenance team that can assess your needs and advise appropriately. Regardless of whether you require monthly or yearly pool maintenance, we can help you to determine a more accurate average cost for pool maintenance based on your specific requirements.

Pool maintenance packages at Chemsol

Here at Chemsol, we don’t just design and fit swimming pools, we’re experts at every stage of the process including the installation and maintenance of effective pool plants rooms. Built to the highest standards, you’ll be able to experience the joy of swimming in perfectly filtered water.

As one of the leading providers of swimming pool engineering service in the UK, you can trust us to provide a wide range of professional maintenance services for both private and commercial swimming pools.

Regardless of whether you want to learn more about the average swimming pool maintenance cost in the UK or need help choosing the best maintenance solution for your pool, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today.

You can discuss your swimming pool plant room and maintenance options in more detail with one of our qualified pool engineers, simply give us a call on 01492 582 888. We also welcome email enquiries sent to as well as queries submitted using our online contact form.

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